Life Hangs Motionless

by Dreaded Silence

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released April 7, 2010

Music: Dreaded Silence / Lyrics: Ken Gillis


all rights reserved


Track Name: Captivity
I awake and wonder how the fuck I got in this glass case
Impaled on the weight of the mistakes I made
Failures and regrets I take to this grave
On display

And I will never circumvent this fate
I never will escape it

Lie awake, pinned to the illusion of an open space
Hope is paralyzed by my mistakes

I weep for our failures
I weep for the loss

Dust collects on the glass
Obscuring the light from view
Suspended animation wings
Life hangs motionless
Out there in the ether longing to be free
Pinned to a white sheet
Entombed in glass
Anchored to my misery

I weep for our failures
I weep for our loss
Alone with my regrets
Imprisoned behind glass

This is an emergency
Break the glass
Track Name: Natural Born Disaster
Like a baby I'm helpless
But I'm not that innocent
You change me and feed me
But I'll come right back again
Your milk I am drinking
And you're growing much too thin
It's your grave that I'm digging
And this is just the beginning

Maybe you're insecure
Enabling my indiscretions
Maybe you're just impure
Alone in your own imperfection

Like a savior I'm selfless
I'm cleaning your wounds again
I'll bathe you, I'll heal you
I'll patch the holes in your skin
It's my blood that you're drinking
And your womb that I live in
You love me, you praise me
I wipe the blood from your chin

Maybe you're insecure
From bowing to too many masters
Or maybe you're just impure
A natural born disaster

Like a sadist enraptured
Indulging in my own sin
Like a victim you're captured
And losing all hope within
You blame me you curse me
As I drive the nails in
It's your grave that I'm filling
And this is the end of the line