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The Last Vestige Of Hope

by Dreaded Silence

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Fledgling 05:18
I will never let you see light I will never let you breathe life I will always keep you inside I will never let you fly too high You are my only hope in this world You are the one thing that I must keep safe My hope to fly lies in you If you fall from the sky I will fall too When you leave I will be the space between your feathers And when I'm gone, I'll be the wind that lifts you to great heights You are my fledgling You are mine to protect I'll never let anyone take you away I can't keep you under my wing forever I must let you fly I will let you fly away Far from here As long as you Always keep me near I will always let you see light I will always let you breathe life I will always be by your side I know it's time to release you to the sky
In girum imus nocte Et consumimur igni We go in circles at night And are consumed by fire
I want to go where no one can see me Deep in the ground where no roots strain their grasp To a point in the sky where stars dare not climb Inside the mountains embedded in stone A place where I can die alone Into the void of black emptiness The deserted heart where nothing grows A cavern in the earth where I can escape the sound of creatures breathing Bowed and ready to accept my fate No sights no smells no words no thoughts No wind no light But most of all no more pain No more suffering No more choking anguish No more incessant worrying No more voices clamoring No more clocks ticking Nothing Nothing left to fear Nothing left to feel Nothing No more waking No desire No love Only black emptiness Only freedom
Vessel 04:56
This voice is a vessel for the hopeless For the voiceless and the fragile A vessel for those who look skyward Longing to leave this cold earth behind This voice is a vessel for the breathless For the motionless and the dying A vessel for those who stare blindly Waiting for change beyond their control For the motherless droves who've given up And pinned their hopes on falling stars This voice is a vessel for the faithless For the nameless and the broken A vessel for those who look downward Those unable to lift their heads high A vessel for those who stare bleakly Burdened by the pain in their eyes Those who've heard my cold voice calling "who has stolen the stars from the sky?" I will carry you far from here Further than you could know I will help you reach the end Never to descend A vessel to carry you to a place in the sky I will be your sacrifice, your vessel A place where we can shine our lanterns high Connecting in the plains of darkness I will carry you, I'll birth you to the sky I will be your sacrifice, your vessel A place where we can shine our lanterns high Connecting in the plains of isolation Deliverance into unending light Scattered like ephemeral embers in the night Sent above to cast a glow so bright Together I know we can make it right
I was sleeping and you were awake You left creeping away my hope you did take I was in a dream state When you went away That part of me you stole You could never give it back It would never fit quite right again I was sleeping, alone I lay Lost forever in the negative space
I left everything the same I no longer say your name I've hung on for way too long In fear of moving on The clock stops ticking The hands aren't moving I am staring at a portrait of a past life A divide is growing My fear is building I am hanging on the wall in a past life No more ties to bind us An agonizing distance apparent in your eyes Nothing left of what we were I am only dust on your memory I left everything the same And pretended it could not decay From the day you were gone I ignored the world in fear of moving on I burn the portrait Erase it forever I end my past life Doomed to relive it
I await the waves To wash me out to sea And carry me far from you Until there's nothing left of me The weight of the water Is the burden in our hearts We suffer the loss You buried me along the shore As you waved goodbye The moon strains at our tears And I wait here to die
Hang him from the highest mountain High enough for all to see Leave him rotting on the mountain Until the end of eternity Throw him from the tallest tower Tall enough to watch him fall Leave him rotting at the bottom To serve as warning to them all Hang him from the constellations High enough for all to see Let him drip into the ocean Beyond the bottom of the sea Hang him high So that all may watch him die So far to fall Through the darkness in us all
Constellations collapse And rain down from the sky I gaze at them with envy And watch as the stars die Constellations collapse Under the weight of my cry Constellations collapse And rain down from the sky I look on in wonder As earth and star collide Constellations collapse Signaling the end of all life Searching blindly A lightless lantern Cannot guide my eyes Cloaked in darkness Alone I wander Scavenging the skies Secret creatures Roam black ether Unseen I hear their cries My dreams descend In the yawning Expanse of sightless night Last light from a falling star The dead know not how lucky they are Birds drop in midflight Moths go astray with no light The night's creatures have no guide When all the stars have died I stare into the sky It's as empty as I
I write this for you To tell you that I'm through I write this to say I can't live this way I write to say I've reached the end A letter I'll never send I draw the curtains closed Shutting down my window Let no light expose I drape the rope around My neck I make no sound Silent and resolute I tie one end of the rope To the last shred of hope And I cast the other end Toward the stars above I seek solace in the shroud of sky Climbing to the constellations To throw myself from the highest star The last vestige of hope Hangs at the end of this rope And there's no going back on this now A silent vision outside my window She beckons me I climb to her open arms she dwells above the stars The last vestige of hope Choked at the end of this rope And I'm leaving this all behind Is she my mother? My daughter? The love I leave behind? Is she my guardian angel? She disrobes, shedding stars Owls, bats and moths flow past me And disappear in the ink of night Fluttering garments like feathered wings A single moth remains Drawn to the glowing angel Standing on a chair Nothing makes sense No more second chances I reach out to her light She wraps her cold arms around my neck And pulls me to the abyss below


released February 29, 2016

Music: Dreaded Silence / Lyrics: Ken Gillis

Ken Gillis - Lead Vocals
Mike Orifice - Guitar / Vocals
Scott Green - Guitar / Vocals
Dana Chisholm - Bass
Chris Helme - Drums

Production / Engineering / Mixing / Mastering - Dreaded Silence
Drum Engineering - Eric Braunschweiger
String & Synth Arrangements - Mike Orifice & Dana Chisholm
Artwork - Ken Gillis


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Dreaded Silence Boston

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